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Called to Service

Romans 1:1

Paul had not yet been to Rome: the church had been planted by others.

The Focus of the Gospel

Romans 1:2-4

This letter to the Romans is all about the 'gospel': the word simply means 'good news'. Paul is not describing an idea he has invented, because this good news comes from God (Romans 1:1).

Called by God

Romans 1:5-7

The gospel is God calling people to a whole change of life. And He gave the Apostles the primary responsibility of explaining it.

Faith Worth Reporting

Romans 1:8

Many people think that religion is a private matter and that one faith is equal to all others. That is not the Bible's view of faith in Jesus Christ.

Wholehearted Service and Prayer

Romans 1:9-10

The Apostle Paul describes his attitude to serving God as 'wholehearted' because he had fully accepted the call of God on his life.

Spiritual Ambition

Romans 1:11-13

Paul longed to visit the believers in Rome because he wanted them to grow up in Christ.

Spiritual Obligation

Romans 1:14-15

When God calls people to repentance and faith, He also calls them to serve Him. In Paul's day, slaves were legally 'bound' to their masters; and he used that word to describe his service to God.

Unashamed of the Gospel

Romans 1:16-17

Paul was totally committed to the gospel. The good news about salvation through Jesus was the apostle's passion. He knew the message was powerful to bring people to faith: Jews and Gentiles alike.

The Essential 'Bad News' of the Gospel

Romans 1:18-20

'Gospel' means 'good news'. It is the message of how to be saved from God's wrath.

Fools who think they are Wise

Romans 1:21-23

Because God is the source of all wisdom, rejecting Him is the ultimate foolishness. We can reject Him passively as well as by outwardly hostile aggression.